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Do you wear rings? Have you ever thought about what this small, circular and seemingly trifle thing speaks about you to the people around you? If the answer is ‘No’, don’t worry because you will find all the information regarding mens rings here. As a stylish and ring-espousing gent, knowledge about ring wearing etiquettes helps you protect your style and gives you an edge.  

When spotting rings, one must remember that each occasion calls for a different style. Whether you choose a casual look or formal wear, there are several ring styles you can go over. Mostly, silver and gold rings go perfectly well with casual outfits.  If you are a bar person and love to spend nights out, some dramatic stuff on the fingers of your choice will be best and will enhance your style. Do you often have official meetings in a restaurant? If yes, then wear a bold ring in gold because it looks best with a suit. You can also go for stone rings by picking a different stone to match your pocket square or tie. How can a person forget about engagement and wedding events when talking about occasions? If you want a rustic look on your engagement, you should choose a ring with a classic pattern. 

What Kind of Rings Should A Man Wear?  

Signet Ring: Mens signet rings bear a sign or symbol. Traditionally, men used to wear it on the pinkies. But for fashion you can wear a signet ring on any finger you like, depending on the mood and occasion.  

Gold Ring: Men exclusively wear gold rings on many formal and informal occasions. Rings made of gold can be worn on the pinky finger of either hand or less commonly on the index finger. With the evolution in fashion, gold rings now have become more of a fashion statement.  

Silver Ring: Silver rings are classic, timeless, and incredibly versatile. Men have been wearing silver rings for about as long as fashion has been there. Wearing or styling a silver ring with a gold ring on the middle finger will give you a “devil may care” attitude.   

How to Select A Ring Size?  

If you want to figure out what ring size will best fit you, you need to measure the circumference of your fingers. The average ring size for men normally ranges from 8 to 14. Keep in mind that your ring needs to fit comfortably, loose enough to allow it to slide off knuckles but tight enough to stay on your finger. If you are more comfortable between two sizes, always pick the larger size.