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During the winter, everyone is looking for extra layering for insulation. You can keep your body warm by wearing inners, jumpers, and coats. But what about your neck? 

Well, many will say that women are lucky to wear a scarf. To burst your bubble, even men can wear a scarf without losing their masculinity. In fact, if worn properly, a scarf adds more masculinity to your personality. In this article, we will briefly cover a few of the where, what, and how questions related to men's scarves. 

A simple answer to this question is; whenever you need extra layering, go for a scarf. But that does not mean you can not wear a scarf in warm weather. You can wear a scarf to your office, on the weekend, get together with friends, for your day-to-day activity, or casually. But wherever you wear a scarf, keep the rule in mind. That fabric should be according to the weather and in contrast with the rest of your attire. You can not wear a colourful cotton scarf in winter. And obviously, it is not a good choice to wear it to the office. 

Men's scarves are made up of different fabrics. The choice of fabric mainly depends upon the weather conditions. Let's discuss a few of the popular fabrics used to make scarves. Cotton scarves are light in weight and usually come in different colours and patterns. They are breathable and are a perfect choice for summer evenings. Pure wool scarves are warm. Making them a go-to scarf for the winter season. Cashmere is a lightweight, warm material. It is often considered as a luxurious fabric. Scarves made from cashmere are soft, plain, and elegant. They are the best options to wear to an official dinner or meeting. Other materials that are used to weave scarves are chiffon, pashmina, acrylic, and silk.

The best way to clean a scarf is to dry clean it. But if that is not the option, then go for a hand wash. Take some cold water in a container and add detergent. Now soak the scarf in it for a while. Later rinse the scarf with cold water. If both options are impossible, put your scarf in a mesh bag. Now add this bag to your washing machine. Whatever cleaning method you may use, always air dry your scarf. 

You can wear a scarf with jeans, chinos, and casual shirts, but here are three of the popular uppers with which you can style your scarf. Tying a fancy knot of a wool or cashmere scarf under or over your overcoat will add elegance to your attire. To look funky and keep your neck warm at the same time. Well, tie a fake knot under your gilet. Scarves can be worn under your blazers too. Going to the office or a meeting, add a scarf to your fit. Now you are ready to rock your looks.