Dinner jackets and tuxedo jackets are undoubtedly the most versatile and commonly accepted pieces of clothing in a man's wardrobe. With a little fashion knowledge and some confidence, these can become the pillar of any man's style. They are the pinnacles of formalwear, but they can also seem like a daunting prospect. 

From how to choose the best fabric to what style to choose, the following guide is intended to assist you in understanding it all.

Tuxedos are the leading choice for formal evenings and white tie events, such as debutante balls, charity galas, parties, graduation, dinners and fundraisers. Dinner suits are mainly worn in black tie events, perfect for proms, weddings, and other special occasions.

A dinner suit and tuxedo give you a perfect opportunity to stand out in a crowd. Wool is considered the best fabric for dinner jackets and tuxedos, which provides warmth and comfort throughout a long evening.

If you're looking for something more classic, then the plain fabric would be another excellent choice because it has been around since medieval times. Jacquard and velvet fabrics offer texture and depth without being too flashy.

The right dress shirt and bow tie can help make a successful night out. The perfect shirt and tie are the final touch to your dinner suit or tuxedo. If you want to look elegant, don't forget the bowtie. But if you prefer a more casual look, there is no better way than wearing a long-sleeved dress shirt with cufflinks! 

If a tuxedo jacket or dinner jacket fits you well, this will bring out its natural elegance and make you feel much more confident, but it can go all wrong with the poor style choice. Here are some tuxedos and dinner suit styles for you.

  • You can go for a double-breasted tuxedo to look like a fashion icon, and it will look perfect on slim men as it enlarges the shoulders.
  • Tuxedos in single-breasted peak lapel style are considered traditional, so they're a good starting option if you are unsure of your taste.
  • Shawl collar looks excellent on heavier men, but it is a great style for all men.
  • A notched collar is an alternative to the traditional peak lapel, but just slightly different.
  • Replace your black tuxedo jacket with a white dinner jacket, creating a dashing look that's old-school and very stylish.