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Are you having issues with styling your 3 piece suit in a modish way? Worry Not! As always, we've got you covered with our Modish 101 guide to three piece suit.

Styling, managing, matching, and colour-coding your 3 piece suit is quite a troublesome task. But, having a stylist guide will make the job easier and efficient, helping you achieve the 3-piece look you always have desired for! So, without a further delay, let's style you in your 3 piece suit in the way you want, keeping the fashion code intact, as always!

To attain an elegant and classy look at formal and semi-formal events, wearing a suit will never let you down. Whether you're having a meeting or a lunch, a business deal, prom or it's wintertime, or you're styling for your first date, having a well-tailored 3 piece suit with just the right colour and material will make your day. Furthermore, at events like engagements, parties, weddings, etc., you can wear compatible colour suits with the designs that perfectly fit your style.

You can have navy on as your first 3 piece suit for formal events. Navy is a versatile and classic colour, offers clean, thoughtful, and flattering vibes. A plain navy suit with a pin collar shirt will work best, but you can go for bold check or contrast stripes if you want a creative touch. Also, dress shirts with plain ties will work too.

If you want a bold and uniquely stylish look, a white suit is for you. To add a statement without appearing bland, you can add subtle colours and fine patterns like adding a light blue shirt with a patterned tie and tan shoes for men. Alternatively, you can opt for a white suit with a contrast-coloured waistcoat.

Enjoy a polished and elegant look with a sophistically styled black 3 piece suit. You can have it at formal events like weddings, awards nights, charity dinners, etc. Try to keep your look sleek, away from embellishments and loud colours, and always make your that your coat's colour matches your suit.

In summers, always opt for a 3 piece suit whose fabric is comfortable, breathable, and versatile to help you combat the heat. Whereas, for winters, a light-weight 3 piece suit's fabric just like wool, which is only 250 grams, is recommended.

In an overall 3 piece suit game, a classic pinstripe, plain or check shirt and a grey tie will never go wrong. But, this is all the colour game. Always speak your style with the colours you wear in your suit!

Are you worried about having a coffee stain on your suit? But, you shouldn't be! As you can easily clean your suit by dry cleaning it. No harm will occur, as suits are tailored using high-quality materials.