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Tweed blazer is one of the most versatile pieces of mens clothing you can have in your wardrobe. If you want to look stylish and classy, you can’t miss a tweed blazer. It will not only give you a very manly appearance but make you stand out in the crowd as well.

Though tweed jackets never went out of style, the revival in this timeless look makes it a must for all men. So if you want to impress everyone with your fashion sense, keep reading, and we will tell you how.

Tweed blazers are the most stylish and comfortable clothing most men possess. Meeting with a client, casually going out, having an interview, or attending a wedding tweed blazer is your ready-to-go attire. Wear it in a restaurant with a date or while having fun with friends in the bar, and it will serve the purpose.

Tweed is a roughly woven fabric mostly made from wool. But due to its weaving patterns, all tweed looks different and vibrant. Tweed garments also look different due to the different sheep breeds. Tweed is very commonly used in blazers and suiting. Wool makes the tweed warm, weather-resistant, thick, and coarse.

Before selecting your size, see if you want a tailored look or going for a loose and oversize style. In both cases, you need to know your size, here is how you can find a perfect fit.

For the chest, put the measuring tape under your arms and measure the fullest part of your chest. Don’t pull very hard; keep the measuring tape loose. Blazer size should harmonise with your chest size. The length of the blazer depends on your height or the style of the blazer.

Men love to wear their tweed blazers and as tweed blazers are often very expensive, you need to take good care of them. Dry cleaning is the best way to clean your tweed jacket, especially the one with a reinforced structure. When they come in contact with water, they become distorted, and the outer fabric crinkles. If you hand or machine wash the tweed, it will either shrink or become loose. Also, please pay attention to minor stains; always dry clean before storing them.

You can style a tweed blazer according to the occasion, from casual to a formal look. If it is a formal occasion, pair your tweed jacket with a plain button-down shirt. You can choose a Peaky blinders shirt with any fabric or design. To make you stand out, style it with knit ties. Tweed blazers also look attractive with polo shirts and turtle neck tops.