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A pair of shoes can make or break your outfit, so you have to choose carefully. If you have a good collection of derby shoes in your wardrobe, picking the proper footwear will be easy. Shoes like these can go with nearly any outfit and occasion. We will provide you with everything you must know about mens derby shoes if you own or are willing to buy one. 

Derby shoes are classy enough to be worn at the office or casual meetings. Since these shoes look so attractive and graceful, they are perfectly fine to be worn at bars and restaurants. In addition, derby shoes do not wear and tear easily, which means you are good to go with them every day as well.

Derby shoes made of calf leather are one of the best things to invest in. It lasts longer than expected with careful usage. The best thing about this material is that once you are done using the shoe, you can wash them off easily by using a washing soap or solution. Suede leather derby shoes are also highly recommended as they go best with casual outfits. Suede leather shoes are amazingly comfortable without a high price tag.

Wearing chinos with your derby shoes is the finest match. Chinos are more casual pants than dress pants for men. Instead of going all out on the traditional tie and pocket square combo, consider matching your chinos with a nice patterned button-down shirt for a bit more style. 

Derby shoes are perfectly comfortable to wear with jeans to create a fun casual look. Wearing derby shoes with suit pants would be a great idea as well. If you want to wear your derby shoes with suit pants, make sure the suit is either charcoal grey, navy blue, or a shade of light blue so that it will go well with both, black and brown shoe tones.

Restore your derby shoes to shine by using a dry brush to remove any debris that may have accumulated on the surface of your boots after use. Run the damp brush repeatedly over the surface of your shoe until it is clean and free from dirt. Don’t forget to wash your laces with the detergent solution, or else it will give a messy look.