Determining what shoes to wear with chinos is crucial since it gives you the confidence to wear comfortable pants

The modest chino is a mainstay in most men's closets, but it's not always obvious what type of shoes they wear. Determining what shoes to wear with chinos is crucial since it gives you the confidence to wear comfortable pants.

This post will address the foremost prevalent query regarding the appropriate footwear for chinos, some of my top picks in each section, and guidelines to optimise possibilities.

black chinos go well with black or white sneakers and trainers

What Shoes Go With Black Chinos For Male?

Black chinos grant manifold preferences in shoes for men, and some of them are top on the list. For instance, white canvas mens sneakers with low-top wear black chinos for men on all occasions (casual semi-formal).

Aside from this, black chinos also compose a good contrast with black, grey, dark brown, and beige colour shoes.

More precisely, low and high-top sneakers (closure-laced up with black canvas), athletic shoes, suede desert boots, loafers, and oxford shoes (in above mentioned colours).

A white or grey oxford shirt with white or grey canvas low-top sneakers also looks good with dark blue chinos

What Looks Good With Dark Blue Chinos For Men?

Dark blue chinos bestow voluminous style ups to men. The style can be customised according to the level of formality

White with a blue striped dress shirt (or check shirt), black leather oxford shoes, and a blazer complete the look with dark blue chinos.

A white or grey oxford shirt with white or grey canvas low-top sneakers also looks good with dark blue chinos.

In spring or winter, a grey or tan crew-neck sweater, double-breasted blazer, or a solid jacket will complement brown loafers to your dark blue chinos.

Best Shoes To Wear With Chinos

Mens chinos grant multiple substitutes in shoes to wear for men. For instance, formal attire or business casual attire attract black, brown leather lace-up oxfords, brown brogues, and brown patent leather shoes.

Smart casual or semi-formal grabs patent leather oxfords, brown derby shoes, chukka boots, and brown suede to complete the attire. The list also comprises military boots.

Entirely casual attire takes lace-up canvas sneakers, smart tennis shoes, Penny and suede loafers, chelsea or desert boots, and boat shoes.

How To Wear Boat Shoes With Chinos?

Brown lace-up boat shoes with chinos are a casual pick. With boat shoes, roll up or cuff your chinos, and don't let chinos cover your boats. To add more flavour, you can include a brown leather belt. In colours, do not go for light brown or khaki. To highlight your chinos, choose dark chocolate brown shoes.

How To Wear Chinos With Dress Shoes

Dress shoes include oxfords, derbies, and brogues. The brown derbies with blue chinos add a spotlight to your personality and will be the perfect style for a formal gathering. You can pick a white, grey, light blue, and beige oxford shirt to take this game to the next level.

How To Wear Casual Shoes With Chinos?

In casual attire, smart trainer shoes in white grant comfort and a contemporary look. Whether you're picking dark blue/navy or black chinos, white smart tennis shoes can wrap up your look with a simple white t-shirt or plain dress shirt. You can modify the dress code according to the colour theme you want.

Let your chinos fall on your low-top sneakers, but if you're wearing high-top sneakers, roll up your chinos

How To Wear Chinos With Sneakers?

Let your chinos fall on your low-top sneakers, but if you're wearing high-top sneakers, roll up your chinos. Choose lace-up modest and contemporary sneakers over sport or athletic sneakers. Wear a t-shirt or casual shirt instead of a dress shirt or oxford.

How To Wear Loafers With Chinos?

Brown Loafers go with blue, khaki, and black chinos. Make sure that your chinos are tailored up along with your body. Because too long or too short chinos don't go well with loafers, and do not roll up your chinos when you are wearing loafers. Wear penny loafers instead of tassel or bit loafers, and only wear black loafers with black chinos. Moreover, you do not have to wear socks with loafers.

How To Wear Boots With Chinos?

The boots come in a number of varieties; Military, Chukka, and Chelsea, each of which has a different dress code and attire. Let's study each of them in detail.

Military Boots With Chinos

Brown leather military boots go along with all colours of chinos. Wear them outside smart casual gatherings in fall/winter. Military boots cope with your strong personality. In this way, I prefer to wear a solid jacket to add more colours to it.  

Chukka Boots With Chinos

Wear suede chukka with your chinos if you are styling up for a semi-formal event or smart casual. Wear a dark brown Chukka with khaki or black Chinos. Avoid black Chukka boots because they will dry up your whole style.

Chelsea Boots With Chinos

Black Chelsea boots go well with navy blue chinos, but you can also go with the monochromatic style. It means to wear black boots with black Chinos. Chelsea boots come in different lengths. Neither too long nor too short are perfect with chinos. Always go with medium size. Make sure they align with your Chinos' length.

How To Wear Monk Straps With Chinos?

Brown monk straps also go along with Chinos of all colours. They should wear socks, and this dress code goes with summer and spring attire.

How To Wear Oxfords / Derbies With Chinos?

Oxford/Derbies are best for smart casual to a formal gathering. The best way to wear it is to make a contrast with your Chinos and upper cloth.

Wear a little fancy/shiny belt with it. And do not wear these shoes as casual clothing.

Which Shoes You Should Avoid Wearing With Chinos?

Chinos charms run perfectly with casual attire. Most men imply this style on them due to the comfort it offers. It is best for casual attire but doesn't make it too casual or informal.


Sandals and flip-flops are the most comfortable footwear, but they don't go along with chinos. You should avoid wearing them at any gathering outside your home. Certain contemporary sandals in the market look modern and modest to wear but are still out of our list. This is so because they make your attire too informal and funky. 

Sports Shoes

Some people confuse sneakers with sports shoes and can interchange their roles. Sports shoes don't fit or balance the outfit of Chinos. Sports shoes may create a good contrast with your clothes, but they do not come under the dress code.

What Socks to Wear with Chinos?

Low-top socks are best for wearing sneakers, trainers, and monk straps. At the same time, choose standard socks or long socks for Chelsea or military boots. If you are wearing oxford shoes, then select traditional mid-length socks. As far as the colour is concerned, match it with your Chinos. Some also prefer to match them with the colour of their shoes.

Final Thoughts

It is difficult to determine what shoes to wear with a specific style of pants. Sometimes the season affects your choice, or sometimes level of formality disturbs your style.

But the diversity and low level of formality in Chinos give you a break from the hectic style-up routine and allow you to enjoy the event by balancing your comfort.  

The ball is in your court. Play with it the way you want to.


September 02, 2022

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