What Shirt to Wear With a Grey Suit?

Updating your wardrobe with the latest suit collection is one hell of a task. And if you have recently bought some neutral colours like black, blue, and grey. You might wonder how to pull a grey suit with most items in your collection. Well, worry not. We will give you a brief guide on how to manage to look dapper with this neutral yet tricky colour. 

Grey, though, wore around a lot. But have you ever looked at someone and said to yourself, "oh! something is missing?" To be honest, you are not the only one. We often ended up with such views. But to cultivate your worries, we are here. We will help you out.

To begin with, grey suits usually come in a dark charcoal tone and a light one. To get the best out of this suit, one should be conscious of the dos and don'ts of it. Choosing a dark or lighter tone is entirely your choice. But lighter colours look refreshing in the daytime and particularly in summer. For night or winter, a darker shade will work well.

What Type of Shirt Should You Wear With a Grey Suit?

Grey suits complement well with striped and patterned formal shirts. However, we don't recommend wearing casual clothes like t-shirts beneath a grey suit.

What Color Shirt to Wear With a Grey Suit?

Grey suits being a versatile hue, can be contrasted with various colours, from neutral white to vibrant purple. Here are our selections of the five best colours for shirts.

Grey suits look great with a plain white shirt

White Shirt

Obviously, every man owns a white shirt. A grey suit looks great with a plain white shirt. If you want to create a light, comfy look, go for a light grey suit with a white shirt. But for a bolder and more formal look, it's better to wear a dark grey suit. Either way, you can never go wrong with a white shirt.

powder blue shirts look great with any shade of the grey suits

Blue Shirt

Blue is considered a better alternative to white. You can wear a darker tone, but we suggest you try powder blue. It looks great with any shade of the grey suit. But if you are wearing a suit during the day. Prefer a light grey suit. With a white shirt, you don't have many options for accessories. However, in the case of a blue shirt, you can complement it with various pocket squares, pins, and tie combinations.

A black shirt with a grey suit is a tricky combination

Black Shirt

A black shirt with a grey suit is a tricky combination. If worn correctly, it delivers a cohesive look to your outfit at night. It's better to choose a mild grey suit with a black shirt with no tie or accessories. However, wearing a black shirt under a light grey suit is not recommended. It gives an icky and non-cohesive look.

Green Shirt

Green is again a tricky color to style with a grey suit. But for beginners, avoid darker shades of green, either with a dark grey suit or a light one. The best one is a lighter hue of green, preferably pastel green. It will give a refreshing and fresh look. You can style it with a floral brooch for a wedding ceremony—a perfect look for a groomsman.

Pink Shirt

It may sound a bit less manly, but pink, when worn with caution, gives an intense masculine look. Just remember, there is no room for shocking or dark shades. Light soft pink is best to wear among several hues of pink. Try it with a light grey suit to look calm and charming. To look trendy and bold, try it with a dark grey suit.

Well, a side note is to avoid wearing dark red with a grey suit. It will give a very inelegant look. With the shirt dominating the essence of the suit. Other colors that you can try with a grey suit are purple, either dark or light, lemon yellow, and orange.

What Color Waistcoat Should You Choose for a Grey Suit?

The best choice is none other than a black waistcoat with a grey suit

Choosing the right waistcoat is a game-changer for your looks. Most prefer to wear a grey waistcoat matching the shade of the suit. Well, it's a simple yet elegant choice. Making you look dapper without much effort. But the thing about grey suits is you can enjoy the blend of colours here.

Like if worn with proper coordination with the rest of the outfit, a dark purple waistcoat looks sophisticated. Another choice is none other than black. But don't forget to look in the mirror before leaving. Your shirt and suit should not go into the background due to your waistcoat colour.

What Tie to Wear With a Grey Suit?

The fun part of wearing a suit is, complementing it with other clothing items. The most straightforward rule to wear a tie is to contrast it with either a shirt or suit. Another option is to stick with the shirt colour. Choose a tie of the same shade as a shirt that is darker than the shirt's colour.

With a white shirt and light grey suit, a dark grey tie will look elegant. However, if you are wearing a powder blue shirt, we suggest a contrasting tie with the shirt. Wear a dark blue tie to give a smoother and more coordinated look.

If you are a fan of printed ties, well, you are still in the safe zone. But again, make sure the base of the tie is in cohesion with the rest of your attire.

What Color Shoes Go Well With a Grey Suit?

Though grey suits offer quite a versatility, when it comes to styling it. But for shoes, your options are really limited. There are only two ways to go. You can wear brown shoes with light grey suits, and for darker ones, you must wear black. 

As far as shoe type is concerned, you can try brogues, derbies, and of course, oxford shoes. But never try joggers. It will minus all the charm you pulled from head to toe.

How Should You Wear Your Shirt With a Grey Suit?

Most suits are worn with shirts, and therefore it is recommended to tuck in the shirt. Further, to make your suit look better, try accessories that complement it.

Further, there is a lot of room to try and improve with grey suits. You can try casual shirts, formal shirts with various accessories. If you are going to a wedding, wear a light grey suit with a casual shirt. For a business meeting, wear a formal shirt of a lighter shade with dark grey suit.

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Shirt to Wear With a Grey Suit

To make it simple, here are a few points to get a perfect look with your grey suit. 

  • A white or black shirt will deliver a sharp formal look.
  • If you are opting for a more classic look, then stick with the white shirt.
  • For a modern summer look, wear a light blue shirt under your grey suit.
  • To make your grey suit look bold, wear patterned or striped shirts.
  • For offices prefer charcoal suits.
  • For a festive or family affair, you can choose a check grey suit or a plain light grey suit.
  • Dark shirts enhance the tone of your suit and offer great contrast.
  • Shirts in lighter shades will brighten your suit and give it a refreshing look.

Not to forget to choose a tie with great caution. It can either enhance your looks or send it to dooms. You can further elevate your eyes by wearing silver or white gold accessories like tie pins. The floral brooch and the pocket square also complement well with grey suits.

Final Words

Grey suits are a better alternative to universal black suits, with more options to style them. You can choose any colour and accessories as long as it looks good on you. Just remember, fashion and trends come from within you. Whatever you choose, make sure it makes you happier.

February 08, 2023

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