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Are you looking for different types of shirt collars and want to choose the best ones for you? Then you have landed at the right place. In this blog, we are going to cover everything you need to know to select the right collar for the mens shirts.

The shirt's collar type and style are the little attention and details that make a huge difference in overall styling. These collars speak your fashion sense, tuck the tie in, and frame your face. Therefore it’s important to know the shirt collar's little details and types to style and stand out from the crowd. 

So let’s dive deep to know more about shirt collar parameters and types!

Shirt Collar Parameters

Before we dive deep into the shirt collar types, here are some shirt collar features that you should know as it influences how the collar looks.

  • Collar Stiffness

Stiffness is a unique property of fabric that determines the drape and handling of the collar. Collar stiffness depends upon the amount of fused glue interlining used to make it. A sturdy and firm collar is suitable for the formal business suit since it gives a crisp appearance.

  • Collar Height

Collar height shows how high a collar lies on your neck; it is measured from the fold line to the point. It can make or breaks your impression, so you should be careful about the height of the collar.

For example, tall collars give a formal and aggressive appearance and give a bossy look. If you want to have Italian style, try a high collar. However, it needs two collar buttons to bring the added height.

  • Collar Size

There are different collar sizes available in the market. Some, like the cutaway, are small and minimalist. At the same time, other stylish collars consist of buttons and are large. However, either too small or large are extreme and do not match well with the shirt. You should choose the moderate and decent one.

  • Collar Spread

Collar spread is the distance between the two points of the collar. The wider the spread, the more aggressive it looks. But here, you should consider your face shape. A narrow collar will enhance your narrow face. On the other hand, go can go for a collar with points close together if you have a round or wide face which will slim down your face.

Types of Shirt Collar

  • The Point Collar


point collar shirts are the best for office use

Are you looking for a work-friendly collar? Then a point collar is one for you. It has pointed tips having the collar spread of minimal-max 3.5’’. So when you wear it for the office, it does not show the folded edges of the ties and sits nicely on the neck.

If you wear it under a blazer or jacket, the points are not hidden by the lapels. This collar has moderate firmness and suits best for any workplace!

  • The Spear Collar

spear collar shirts are the retro version of the point collar shirts

The spear collar is pointy and spear-like. You can consider it as the retro version of the point collar.

It is best suited to wear under blazers and other formal jackets as it completely hides the lapels. Due to the rakish appearance and vintage look, it is back in fashion. The retro color will look good with the shirt having patterns or colours.

  • The Tab Collar


The tab collar is perfect for the formal occasion

The tab collar is perfect for the formal occasion due to its stiffness and structure. Between the button and points lies a tab underlying each corner that ties up on the top button. It will bring the collar tips close together, lifting the knot of your tie and giving a crisp look. One should wear it with a shirt with a necktie, not open at the neck.

  • The Club Collar


Club collar, also named Eton collar or penny collar, has short rounded points and a wide collar stance. The style is characterised by the shape of the collar leaves, sleek band and rounded collar points. That collar is associated with cult series Peaky Blinders and the collar is also started being called Peaky Blinders Shirts.

Whether you wear it under a sweater vest or pop up the look with a chic beret hat, patterned ties, or thinly knotted collar, this sort of collar is definitely going to upgrade your look.

  • The Pin Collar


This collar gets the name ‘pin collar’ due to the use of accessories of pins that are used for the collars with a small distance between the leaves or points. It lifts the tie knot and closes the space between collar points. As the pins bring the collar leaves nearer to each other, the spread of the collars will always be narrow. The pin collar shirts are becoming a very popular section of dress shirts.

  • The Button-Down Collar

The button-down collar is good for casual look

The button-down collars were introduced in England to keep the collars of polo players in place. Though historically, it gives a casual look, you can wear it anytime.

Secure it with buttons to shirt by small buttons on both points to give a classic and sharp look.

  • The Spread Collar


spread collar gives a wider look


The modern spread collar gives a wider look as the points end up 5’’ away from one another. Having the additional space between the collars gives a wider tie knot. Therefore men with slim or long faces should wear it due to its widening effect. Wearing it as a formal shirt with a medium or large-sized tie tucked or even without a tie, you can flaunt it off!

  • The Cutaway Collar

The collar is distinguished by the points pointing back towards the shoulder

The cutaway collar is quite similar to the spread collar, with the former having a wider spread. The collar is distinguished by the points pointing back towards the shoulder. Whether you wear it with ties or without them, the cutaway collar gives a clean and contemporary look.

Style it with a jacket, the collar points are covered under the lapels, or when featured with a tie, a lot of silk strikes through on either side of the knot. Between its collar points, it has a distance of 6’’, having an angle completely horizontal. It is best suited for three-piece outfits to make a powerful impression.

  • The Grandad Collar


Here’s good news for the grandad collar (also know as band collar) lovers. It has recently revived in fashion and is one of the easiest to style. Pair it up with light linen fabric and leave it untucked, giving a casual look. Wear sandal or espadrilles to finish the whole look. It does not consist of any collar points and style by just a collar band. You do not need to wear a tie with it. Further, the collar height is not more than 2’’ to avoid getting into the chin. It’s one of the kinds you are going to expect to see in the 21st century.

  • The Wing Collar


If you are looking for an alternative to the turn-down collars, then here’s the pick. The wing collar is a more traditional and dressier alternative. The collar is characterised by stiffened collar points that spread outwards like wings. Hence the name ‘wing collar’ is due to its wing-shaped. It is a must dress shirt for weddings and other formal events.

  • The One-Piece Collar

The one piece collar stands on its own without any support

It is a timeless classic that extends through the front torso and doubles as a placket. This collar stands on its own without any support. It has buttons that hide behind the collar points to give a distinctive collar roll. No top button and a bent top placket give it a uniquely contemporary look.

  • The Pajama Collar

pajama collar is commonly present on pajama tops-flat and divided into two parts

Pajama collar, also known as Cuban collar or bowling collar, is commonly present on pajama tops-flat and divided into two parts. In summers, it is worn with short sleeves. However, it’s up to you to style it with short or long sleeves. The top part is longer than the bottom, but it can also be the other way around. The important thing is that the collar is large, divided, and sits flat. This collar is also commonly used for overshirts nowadays.

How to choose the right collar for your look?

To select the right collar for your look, keep in mind the following points. Your face size and shape play an important part. As the shirt collar can balance and frame your face so a wider collar will suit best for the narrower face and vice versa. If you have a wide round face, select the narrow point collar. For a long thin face, go for a spread collar.

How to Choose the Right Shirt Collar for Any Occasion?

Consider the occasion you are going to. As mentioned above, choose the right collar according to your face shape. After that, you have selected which shirt collar you are going for, and you can style it up or down according to the event. Pair it with collared dress shirts and nice shoes, and you are ready to attend any formal meeting. Or enjoy a decent look with a sweater vest to rock off any casual set-up.

How to Clean a Shirt Collar?

Just follow these steps if you want to clean your dirty collar and make it look shiny.

  • Lay your shirt with the collar facing up.
  • In the area where it’s dirty, pour the liquid detergent into it.
  • Let the detergent sink into it for 30 minutes
  • Wash and dry it off

The Verdict

Now you can easily style your shirt with the right kind of shirt collars. Maybe it is a little detail for some, but it can leave a long-lasting impact behind. Therefore one should know about the best shirt collar types to give a dapper and sleek look.

Always select the ones according to your face type that best suits you. We hope this article has helped you know the best shirt collar types.

June 01, 2022

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