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With winter approaching, many of you are looking forward to the holidays. The holiday season is all about meet-up gatherings, celebrations, and shopping. With them comes excellent sales and discounts from retailers. 

One such occasion is Black Friday, a day of amazing doorbusters deals. You can buy a shirt, TV, smartphone, or any electronics at low prices. This is an event for shopaholics.

If you are someone who is looking forward to updating your wardrobe, use this opportunity. Black Friday is your chance. You might be wondering where to look for a great collection of menswear that you can wear for a long time and enhance your looks. 

Well, worry not. In this article, we will tell you about Black Friday, its brief history, and where you can get the best menswear. 

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is observed around the globe. On the fourth Friday of November, right after Thanksgiving, Black Friday is celebrated. The term is universally used in America and many countries. Black Friday is celebrated as a day of shopping sprees. Brands, retailers, local shops, and stores offer discounted prices. The shops are filled with shoppers, and people plan their shopping around it. 

Interesting to know that few countries oppose Black Friday. These are Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea, and Venezuela. These countries don't support shopping holidays as an opposition to capitalism and consumerism. 

When is Black Friday 2022?

It's usually celebrated on the fourth Friday of November, right after Thanksgiving. However, if November 1 is on Friday, it will be on Friday after Thanksgiving. 

As per the rule, This year, Black Friday will fall on November 25, 2022. So, plan your budgets and schedule right now. To avoid any hustle and bustle. 

Why is it called Black Friday?

Black is usually referred to as profit or flow of money. But the initial reference to Black Friday was to disaster or misfortune. In the 1950s, the term was first used by factory managers. They called the Friday after Thanksgiving Black Friday because many workers called in sick to extend the holidays, resulting in a lack of production over the weekend after Thanksgiving. 

Later in the 1960s, the term was used by Philadelphia Police. They have to stand as long as 12 hours on their shift due to excessive traffic. The inflow was mainly from visitors, who come to the city for holiday shopping. Beginning from there, the term spread widely across the USA and later around the globe.

Now, this is a universally accepted term for profits and fortune. As retailers earn immensely through discounted offers on Black Friday. 

When does Black Friday 2022 end?

Well, Black Friday lasts 24 hours. But most of the stores keep their sales offers till the weekend or the following week. During this time, the shops or stores will be flooded with visitors. So, do plan your visit accordingly. Don't take extra stuff with you. This will save you time and energy. 

How does Black Friday work?

Customers and retailers also plan their Black Friday sales and offers throughout the year. For them, this day served as a chance to sell their overstock inventory by offering all-time low prices. They also provide doorbusters on seasonal items, decorations, and gifts for upcoming holidays.

Additionally, discounts are offered on electronics items, intelligent devices, and branded TVs. This mainly focuses on the idea of luring customers to make high-end purchases. Interestingly, retailers ensure that details of their Black Friday discount don’t go into the air before the eve. 

These sales are highly anticipated, that on the day shops are over flooded. The stores arrange extra security to avoid any mishaps that previously occurred. In 1983, customers got into fights over Cabbage Patch Kids Doll, causing disturbance across the stores in the USA. In 2008, a worker died due to a sudden influx of shoppers when the store doors opened. 

As much as these offers are tempting, be careful regarding your and others' security. Here are a few tips to avoid any mishaps. 

  • Avoid going shopping in groups.
  • Don't take food items.
  • Don't take extra bags or stuff.
  • Don't take kids.
  • Make instant purchases, and don't roam around for window shopping.
  • Prefer online shopping.
  • Visit stores in fewer traffic hours. 
  • Visit the store only if you are interested in making a purchase. 

What does Jack Martin Menswear offer for Black Friday? 

50% off menswear black friday

On the eve of Black Friday, online and offline stores offer unique discounts to facilitate their customers. You might be wondering where to go for the best menswear. Well, we have sorted things for you. Jack Martin Menswear is the place. 

We have a wide range of menswear from casual shirts, peaky blinders suits, waistcoats, to belts. Every section further has several designs, patterns, and colours. Jack Martin have collections for every season. So you don't need to worry about seasonal shopping for the entire year. Jack Martin use sustainable materials, and products are directly delivered from the warehouse. That means no retailers are involved in the delivery process, which makes the process less expensive.  

Black Friday is an excellent opportunity to buy a suit for an upcoming friend's wedding or update the collection of shirts for the coming months. Whatever your wardrobe target is, this is the best time to invest.

Jack Martin offers excellent discounts, up to 50% off everything. That means if a suit originally was £199, you can get it as low as £100. Isn't it worth it? With little money, you can get quality stuff and elevate your style game. 

Finally, Black Friday is a time of significant purchases and offers. It is the time when you can update your home, kitchen, and office inventory as well as your wardrobe. Jack Martin Menswear, like many, offers doorbuster that will help you up guarding your wardrobe economically. So, this is the time to start planning your budget. That will enable you to spend money on luxurious suits and items. 

Have a great holiday. 


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October 05, 2022

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